Sherwood Forest was platted in 1917 and is made up of two subdivisions: Sherwood Forest and Sherwood Forest Manor. Sherwood Forest Manor is the property on Parkside and Refrew between Cambridge and Pembroke. Sherwood Forest is the rest of the community. Most of Sherwood Forest’s approximately 435 homes were built in the late 1920’s and 1930’s. The neighborhood boundaries are Seven Mile Road on the south, Livernois on the west, Pembroke on the north and Parkside on the east. We are located in a tranquil setting, but are just a few minutes from downtown, with easy access to shopping and all major freeways.

The Sherwood Forest Association was formed in the summer of 1929 and has been active ever since. Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers over the years, the Association can claim many significant accomplishments that have enhanced the quality of the neighborhood.

In its infancy, the Sherwood Forest Association convinced the City of Detroit to close Outer Drive at Livernois to reduce traffic through the area. In the 1930’s, we worked with surrounding communities to keep factories from being built on Seven Mile Road. In the 1940’s, we waged a successful campaign to keep a city airport from being constructed at Eight Mile and Wyoming. In the 1950’s we began publishing the Tattler as a vehicle for communication throughout the neighborhood.

The Sherwood Forest Patrol began operation in the 1960’s. Ever since then, Sherwood Forest has enjoyed the protection of this private security patrol service, which works closely with the Board of Directors of the Sherwood Forest Association.

The 1960’s and 1970’s brought the blight of Dutch Elm disease, and the Association was there with a reforestation plan, the results of which we are enjoying today. This also was a time of questionable real estate practices. The Association took action to improve real estate practices and to control redlining.

The 1980’s brought an opportunity to update the neighborhood property restrictions. Most homes are bound by these restrictions. They are rigorously enforced to assure the continuing value of homes and the continuing vitality of our community. We invite all residents to read the restrictions carefully.

In 2002, Sherwood Forest was designated a Detroit Historic District and was honored with a Detroit Historic District Commission award for maintaining and preserving our historic neighborhood. In 2003, we launched a successful series of “Meet and Greets,” Sunday afternoon parties in the homes of our residents. In the summer of 2005, we held the first of our summer jazz concerts and picnics in Sherwood Park on Canterbury.

In processing our request for historic designation, the Detroit Historic District Commission did research on most of the houses in Sherwood Forest.  If you would like the information on your house, click on your street name and find your address.

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Oldest house in Sherwood Forest - 1922
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