Here’s the slides from the 2022 Annual Meeting

Sherwood Forest Annual Meeting Deck June 2022

In accordance with the bylaws of Sherwood Forest, we are contacting all residents regarding the 2022 board elections.

Residents of Sherwood Forest can nominate a fellow resident, or a resident can nominate themselves to join the Sherwood Forest Board.  All nominees must be in good standing and their 2022-2023 Sherwood Forest association dues must be current.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone who resides in Sherwood Forest you can do so by sending that nomination to, subject line 2022 Board Elections.  As a resident you can only nominate 1 person or yourself.

Nomination submissions must include the following:

  • The nominee’s Name (First and Last Name)
  • The nominee’s Address (Must be a Sherwood Forest Resident – must be 21yrs or older)
  • The nominee’s Phone Number or Email (Please ensure this information is accurate)

The Board of Directors consists of 15 board seats, 5 of which will be open for the 2022 elections.  If there are only 5 accepted nominees, these individuals in good standing will assume the 5 open seats.  Should the board receive more than 5 nominees,  the board will send a communication to all residents with election meeting details for September 4th.

Election Timeline:

  • By August 15th , 12AM (midnight) all nominations must be submitted via
  • By August 22nd all nominees will be contacted to confirm nomination acceptance
  • By August 29th, if more nominees have accepted their nomination than the 5 board seats open for 2022, an election meeting will be scheduled and all Sherwood Forest residents will be notified to attend.
  • (Tentative) September 4th 2022 Board Elections Meeting will be scheduled / Appointments Assume Open Seats
Please make sure to send in your nominations by August 15th at 11:59pm to
Thank you,
Sherwood Forest Board of Directors

Sherwood Forest has been a proud part of Detroit’s heritage since 1917. The neighborhood is known for its architecturally distinctive homes, its quiet, winding streets, its convenient city location and its talented and friendly residents. Most of the approximately 435 homes were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In 2002, we were honored by being named a Detroit Historic District. Please use this website to learn more about our wonderful community and all it has to offer.



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