Sherwood Forest Property Guidelines


1. Applicability and Descriptions +

2. Nature and Cost of New Construction+

3. Use of Property+

4. Non-Discrimination Policy+

5. Garages+

6. Approval of Construction+

7. Miscellaneous Restrictions+

8. Grade Restrictions+

9. Fences and Hedges+

10. Temporary Structures+

11. Animals and Pets+

12. Lot Maintenance+

13. Building Completion+

14. Moving Residences+

15. Debris/Tree Stump Removal+

16. Vacant Property+

17. Restrictions Enforcement+

18. Continuance and Renewal+

19. Existing Conditions+

20. Effective Date+

21. Separability+



Approval Process

• Submit all applications to BOTH and

  • Approval from BOTH Sherwood Forest Board of Directors and Detroit Historic District Commission (HDC)are required prior to any installation or modification to fences, grading, or new structures
  • HDC must approve all projects first, then SF BoD will make a determination
  • The HDC application form is to be used only. Send a copy to the SF Historic committee
  • Keep in mind that the SF requirements for fencing, grading, and new structures is different than HDC
  • Additional information on Historic District requirements, and a record of previously granted project approvals, can be found at

Click here to download the sheet

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