Our Board


Listed below are the current members of the board, with their telephone numbers, email addresses, and committee assignments. Click here for committee descriptions.

The Sherwood Forest Association was formed in the summer of 1929 and has been active ever since. The elected members of the board of directors serve for three year terms. The board meets monthly in the homes of its members. Each May, we hold a general membership meeting for all of the residents of Sherwood Forest.

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Phillip Caldwell

President, S.A.D, Administrative

Tiffany Franklin

Vice President, Historic

April Alford


Christine Jackson

Secretary/Block Captain

Austin Black

Real Estate & Property Preservation



Chaundra Haynes

Snow Removal/Youth Social Events

Shirley Jackson

Tattler Editor/Communications

Catlin Malloy-Marcon

Property Restrictions & Zoning

Steve Perkins

Social Events (Youth) and Security

Lauren Rivers

Real Estate & Welcoming

Maurice Telesford

Welcoming, S.A.D. & Membership

Karen White

Parks & Reforestation