We have several programs in place to maintain and improve the safety of Sherwood Forest.  To learn more about any of these, use the buttons on the left of this screen.  You may also apply for services or volunteer to help in any of these areas by using the buttons.

Sherwood Forest Patrol

The Board of Directors of the Sherwood Forest Association contracts for the services of a professional security provider. Our patrol drivers use a combination of marked and unmarked vehicles to patrol the neighborhood for a specified number of hours that is determined by our membership level. However, since our current security provider patrols in adjacent neighborhoods as well, a patrol driver is available to respond immediately to an emergency situation in any one of the neighborhoods on a 24-7 basis. Patrol drivers provide a designated member of the Board of Directors of the Sherwood Forest Association with daily electronic logs of the calls and incidents to which they respond in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood.

We have found that this service has been effective in keeping crime low in Sherwood Forest.

To learn more about the services provided to subscribers the "Patrol" button or click here.

Neighborhood Incident Reporting

We have implemented an incident reporting system in the neighborhood. We would like residents to report  crimes, suspicious activities and nuisances.  We will combine data from the incident reports with information from the Twelfth Precinct and the Sherwood Forest Patrol activity logs to determine what is happening, where and when activities are taking place so that we can coordinate action plans with the Detroit Police Department and the neighborhood patrol.  To fill out an incident report click here or use the "Incident Report" button.

12th Precinct Relations

We continue to maintain a close working relationship between our neighborhood and the Detroit Police Department. We are providing names, responsibilities and phone numbers for some key members of the 12th Precinct.

Strategic Plan for Unoccupied Homes

The primary goal of this plan is to attract new homeowners to Sherwood Forest, but a related goal is to protect and maintain our unoccupied homes so they will be attractive to potential home buyers.  This strategic action plan requires the active involvement of all residents to achieve these two goals: See a plan to protect vacant properties and a plan to attract new homeowners to Sherwood Forest.

We Need Your Help

We have a lot of work to do in addressing the vacant home problem in Sherwood Forest.  We are a “can do” community and are bound to succeed IF each of us does his or her part.  Our Strategic Action Plan for Unoccupied Homes in Sherwood Forest requires the work of dedicated volunteers. Listed below are some of the jobs that need to be filled. Please look at this list and then sign up for at least one of these projects. Please fill out the on-line volunteer form. Together we can, and will, maintain our beautiful community. 

  • Vacant Home Committee:  The Board of Directors of the Sherwood Forest Association is forming a new Vacant Home Committee.  We need several residents to serve on this committee.

  • Home Monitors:  A home monitor is a neighbor who is assigned to watch a vacant home near his or her home and try to keep the home from looking vacant.  This may include mowing and raking the law, shoveling snow, picking up papers and debris or notifying the Chief Monitor that a contractor is needed to do some of these tasks. If you have a vacant home on your block, please volunteer to be a home monitor!

  • Chief Monitor:   The chief monitor will coordinate the work of home monitors, take their reports on the status of vacant homes and arrange for maintenance work as needed. 

  • Home Maintenance Group:  We need to form a group of residents who are handy with tools to do minor repairs to the exteriors of vacant homes.

  • Public Relations and Marketing:   Just as important as maintaining our homes is seeing them reoccupied.  We need a group of residents with skills in these areas to promote our community and help attract potential buyers.

  • Lawyers:  We need a small group of lawyers to deal with the occasional problems that arise concerning banks, mortgage companies, realtors, unauthorized occupancies, etc.

If you would like to volunteer in an area unrelated to vacant homes, consider the following:

  • Block Captains:  We are creating a network of block captains for every block in Sherwood Forest.

  •  Meet and Greet:   Hold a neighborhood social gathering in your home.  If you will provide the place, your neighbors will do the rest.  We would like to have a Meet and Greet sometime this spring. 

  • Board of Directors:  To serve on the board, you must be willing to chair one of our standing committees and be available to attend a meeting on the second Monday of each month

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